Tips and tricks on passing the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) test

by Jens Sorensen on July 2, 2010

Yesterday, I passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) test with a score of 91%. It’s a 70 question online exam which you have an hour and a half to complete and you have to get 80% to pass (Google recently increased the pass rate from 75% and the reduced the time allowed by 30 minutes). I didn’t find this to be too much of an issue as I still had 15 minutes spare.

The test comprises of multiple choice questions, usually with 4 answers to choose from. Some however, are the ‘check all that apply’ type, which I found the trickiest.

Preparing for the GAIQ test

Before you take the GAIQ exam, the best resource for preparation is Google’s Conversion University lessons, which are broken down in to easily digestible segments. It goes through the fundamental basics, which are easy and mostly common sense to more advanced analytic code placing and report generation. I would recommend still reviewing all the lessons, especially for those ‘check all that reply’ questions. The lessons are set out in a sensible order, but content is explained quickly so be prepared to hit the pause button frequently, especially if you are planning to take notes. The lessons which I think were the most useful in terms of passing the test and, the ones you should refresh/familiarise yourself with are:

My test included a lot of Adwords related questions, which although is covered in the lessons I think I would have struggled a bit if I was not familiar with running campaigns. Therefore, I’d recommend signing up to an Adwords account to get a feel of how it works.

Although I think the Conversion University lessons cover most things I have in the past found both Avinash Kaushik’s books; Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics: An Hour a Day really easy to read and digest. I did read somewhere that most of the exam questions were generated from Brian Clifton’s Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analyticsbook and I could see why. Definitely a helpful book and it includes a handy 50% off voucher for the GAIQ exam, saving $25 and effectively making the book  free!

During the GAIQ test

With 70 questions and an hour and a half to complete, this only gives you very limited time to go research the questions (a minute or so per question). However, some of questions you will easily breeze through, leaving enough time to do a bit of research for those trickier ones. The resources that I recommend having open in your browser during the test are:

The best tool was the Conversion University itself. I set up the below page to be able to quickly find the information I was looking for across all the lessons:


I hope you found this post useful in preparing for the exam. The test isn’t too difficult as long as you’ve had experience with Google Analytics and use the above tips to brush up and refresh on the things you’re unfamiliar with.

You will be awarded with the following certificate as a PDF file that you can print and put on your wall if you’re that way inclined :p :)

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

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Web Analytics 2.0

  • BClifton

    Thanks for your recommendation Jens. The book Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics did indeed influence the building of the GAIQ and visa versa…

    The GAIQ was initially developed by my European tem. You can find a little background on it from my perspective at:

    Best regards, Brian

  • Jenssorensen

    No probs Brian. It's refreshing to find such a well laid out book, so many text books I look at these days have sound content, but are just not put together in a logicially indexable way.

  • niguli

    I think the 5th link from Cookies and Google Analytics (it points again to…) is wrong and must corrected to:…. Thanks for this very useful post, I'm gonna take the test in few days…

  • Jenssorensen

    Hi Niguli,
    Thanks for pointing that out – I have updated with the correct link. Good luck in the exam and let me know how you get on.

  • David Sottimano

    Thanks for this. I'm a bit worried about the depth of the exam, even though I use most of the functions within analytics on a daily basis. I'm going to take it this week – wish me luck!

  • Jon

    1MB bmp fail

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Jon – A schoolboy error indeed. Have changed the file type and updated. Jens

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Jon – A schoolboy error indeed. Have changed the file type and updated. Jens

  • DaLua


  • Anonymous


  • Doerte S

    Today, I took the GAIQ Test and I passed. My score was 90%.

    First, many thanks to Jens and his Blog. It was very helpful in preparing for the test.

    Second, I would like to share my lessons learnt below:
    How did I prepare for the test?
    1. Study Google Conversion University Content
    2. Bookmark sources to use during this Open Book Test
    3. Practice with Mock Questions (iPass) – highly recommended

    I did purchase a one-month subscription for the iPass Test; for about $25. It was very worth it. In the actual GA test, I had a rendezvous with 4-5 questions that were exactly like in the iPass test.

    The most helpful tool while taking the test was the PAUSE Function because it gave me time to look up answers to questions I was unsure about.

    I have also shared my experience on my blog at


  • Sevan

    Hi Jenssorensen, I will take GAIQ test next week and I like your test note a lot. I have a question which could not figure it out. Here is the Question5.Someone visits your website and subscribes to your newsletter which you are tracking as a goal. A colleague then immediately also subscribes using the same computer (without closing the browser). How many conversions will be recorded?



    I think answer is B but still I am not about this.could you help me ?Thank you, Sevan 

  • David

    Nice post! I will shortly be taking my Google Analytics test ;)

  • Anonymous

    Cheers David and Good luck! Pop back and let me know how it goes.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sevan and sorry for the delay. You are indeed right: Goal conversions are only counted once within a session. How did you get on?

  • David

    All went well in the end thanks! Got the certificate now :)

  • Saikrishna

    Congrats on a getting going to write it soon :) thanks for the information

  • Mark Kitter

    million times thanks to helping us ……we dont hv words to describe this ………….

  • Eric Fettman

    As a free resource for GAIQ prep, check out  192 questions currently available across 28 different subject categories.  Very detailed answer explanations after scoring.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks again for your willingness to share your experience and resources for the GAIQ exam. Your points were spot on.  A few notes from my experience taking the exam:-Many of the questions are situational (i.e. If you create a filter that says this, what happens?)-Focus on the purpose of the various elements. In other words, don’t just memorize the names and times of the cookies, but WHY they are that way and WHAT their purpose is.-Google will try and trick you with terminology, so when in doubt go by what Google states in the Help Center or Conversion University. They are looking for the BEST answer, not always the exact answer.Cheers and good luck to everyone taking the exam!

  • Brijesh

    Congratulation on being certified Jen. And thanks for sharing the notes. I am yet to appear for the test and I was a bit apprehensive. But after reading your post and other comments I feel all the more confident to appear for this test.. 

  • juliot2012

    Awesome resource! 

    I would also recommend checking out

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Julian Erbsloeh

    Thanks Jens, still a great resource. The link to Google’s IP RegEx tool has changed:

  • Jenssorensen

    Thanks Julian – I have updated the link.

  • Gail Mullard

    Thanks for the pre-amble, I have just sat the exam and passed, so feeling very pleased and relieved!

  • @jantofg

    Thanks for this! Really useful :)

  • claw

    thanks for putting up this post. Why is it that the certification is only valid for eighteen months?

  • Tiffany Lin

    does anyone have the old google conversion university notes? if not, what’s the best way to prepare now that information is gone?

  • tony

    How do you pass this test, have taken it twice, watched the videos a couple of times, which are not enough. Failed both times

  • Shauvik

    Hi Jens Sorensen,
    I will take GAIQ test soon, and I have 2-3 questions which I couldn’t figure out
    Q1. Your AJAX based gaming website is hostedon a single HTML page. Which is the best way to measure the percentage of visits during which more than 5 games were played?(Select the best answer option)
    a) Track each game play as an event and define 5 separate goals, one for each event.
    b) Track each game play as a virtual pageview and define 5 separate goals, one for each virtual pageview.
    c) Track each game play as an event and define a goal for greater than 5 events per visit.
    d) Track each game play as a virtual pageview and define a goal for greater than 5 pages viewed per visit.

    Both option (c) and (d) are correct acc. to me but since we have to select the best it should be (c) by tracking event.

    Q2. You want a second view of your data where you only see traffic to a specific sub directory. How might you set this up?
    a) Create a 2nd GA account, and apply unique tracking code to the pages in subdirectory.
    b) Create a new profile and apply an advanced filter that deletes page data outside the subdirectory.
    c) Add a filter to the profile and remove the tracking code from other pages of your site
    d) Create a duplicate profile and add a filter. Select “include only traffic to a subdirectory” from the filter type dropdown, and specify subdirectory.

    I think answer is (d) but I am not sure

    Q3. which of following is measure of traffic volume?
    a) Avg. time on site
    b) Visits
    c)Bounce rate
    d) none of these

    Could you help me?
    Thank you

  • Just Boon

    Hi Jens, the Reg Ex ip tool seems to be offline. Any suggestions for good alternative? Which one do you use?

  • Ngo Ngan

    I can take the test for you fastly if you don’t have time to study. Guarantee of passing!!

    Please pm me to my gmail: nhinquattran

  • oliver

    may i know what is the benefits after pass this exam. Like i pass out form Google adwords they give the their technical support people are guide me while on making campaigns and if i had face some problems they will solve that problem on phone .

  • Anu

    hi….where can i take practice tests for the GAIQ?

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